The SCW Security Camera System Builder

To start, please select your desired image quality:

Faces are at 10 FT for the first set and 25 FT for the second, footage samples are below.

You don't have to pay a ton for impressive gear. Advanced Features come with all our systems.

Here at SCW, we create our own equipment, but we use quality components from major American Brands including Intel, Sony, Texas Instruments, Western Digital, and Seagate.

We manufacture in bulk, so you get high end equipment at competitive prices.

Intruder Alert Emails
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Remote Backup
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out
Smart Infrared
Free Windows Apps
Free Mac Apps
iPhone & Android Apps
iPad Apps

All SCW Systems Come With:

No Risk Purchasing
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

SCW Easy Watch Software
Watch, Control, and remotely backup your DVR footage on PC or Mac.
Manage multiple locations.

View your system over the internet

SCW's Totally Free Support
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Industry Leading Warranties
3 years for Recorders
2 years for Cameras

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