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We specifically designed survail to reduce the friction typically caused by traditional surveillance systems by using role based design.

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Creating Value

For Video Surveillance Stakeholders

Far too often surveillance systems are only designed around the single person who purchases them.

Instead we designed survail around all the stakeholders who might use it and continue to deliver value for each party.

With a traditional system, if you have 200 locations, you have 200 username and password combinations to keep track of. You have 200 passwords you have to change if you have turnover. You have 200 devices you have to keep updated with firmware updates and secure from a cyber security perspective. With Survail, you have one login and firmware updates happen automatically.

Let's face it, finding video in a traditional system is hard. Survail makes it easy to locate footage that matters to you. Spend less time conducting an investigation. Free yourself from locating and finding events, and you can put your energy into responding to them.

You already have a giant data lake of information about your business. How well did that promotion go? Did it drive more bodies in store or online? What products are people looking at? How do you identify low quality vs high value clients? You have an entire data lake of information that is waiting to be mined for business intelligence.

It can be hard to fill positions in this environment. It can be even harder to fill them with the right people. What if you could find poor performers quickly? What if you could identify retail employees who leave customer-facing zones far too frequently or go on way too many smoke breaks?

The continued development of survail is all about creating value for the entire org from your surveillance system.

For example, we are currently soliciting feedback on how our product recognition model might be used to improve operations, automate inventory and shrinkage measurements, and track customer interest.

As another example, we are also soliciting feedback on our Action recognition concept. Right now, the actions tracked are mostly for security purposes, but we would also be interested in understanding what other actions would be useful in determining employee productivity or customer engagement.

Survail works with any brand equipment, so you can bring all your cameras into this one application. We don't brick your devices if you don't want to pay for our service, unlike other brands.

Never before has a surveillance brand made sharing of video in an emergency a priority. With a traditional system, the many users trying to access a system in an emergency can often bring a network down. There's software to install. Username and passwords to setup and distribute. Access rarely occurs as fast and as wide as it is needed.

Not so with survail. All you have to do is press "share" to send emergency response a url. This moves the video from your box to the cloud and moves it the access out of your account. That video can now be seen by all emergency response personnel, who don't need to log in, download software or setup accounts. Even if your network has been cut. Even if your power is out. Even if your survail box has been destroyed.

The emergency management personnel see the shared video clip in standalone web-page player outside of your account, with no access to change settings or view anything other than what you have shared. The url automatically expires after 24 hours.

The threats have changed. Now, so has the response. With survail, you can focus on managing the emergency - not managing networks, devices, or user access accounts.

IT Departments love Survail. Gone are the days of updating software, worrying about opening ports, and exposing your networks to cyber security risk. Survail keeps your cameras off your main network and communicates securely with our cloud. The firmware/software is made in the USA and has no influence from hostile foreign governments. Survail works in the browser you already have, so there's no software to install, maintain, or support.

Survail data usage won't bring your network down. Survail generally using about 1 Mbps per active viewer and only half a megabite per event. Cloud backup of video footage is variable but the events can be configured to minimize network limits and upload constraints.

Whenever survail detects something of note, it sends the data about the event (the metadata) to the cloud. This data is about half of a megabite and includes information about what object was found (so you can search for it), how confident we were, where the detection occurred and when, a cropped snapshot of the object, and a screengrab of the entire view of the camera during that time.

This metadata should allow you to reconstruct what happened, even if your survail box is stolen or damaged, even when you don't have notifications sending video footage to the cloud.

Many offices or other businesses need to preserve their bandwidth when they are open for video conferencing or VOIP phones. If you have upload constraints, you can control which videos move to the cloud by limiting your notifications to high value time periods, such as when you are closed.

Survail works in the browser you already have, so there's no software to install. The cloud service is easy to use, has high availability, and scales in emergencies.

With traditional systems, third party monitoring for surveillance can be cost prohibitive because traditional systems overwhelming monitoring companies with useless events. Survail's computer vision models reduce the number of events to such a degree that third party monitoring can be more affordable. This means monitoring companies can monitor more clients per staff member.

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