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A dramatic leap forward

Edge Detection vs Motion Detection

Traditional motion detection and computer vision use very different processes. Traditional motion detection is looking for pixel changing colors in a grid. Computer vision uses edge detection, which determines the outline of shapes and can tell difference between the foreground and background.

New Powers for Existing Cameras

Object Detection, Image Classification, Semantic Segmentation

Computer vision can do three main things:
(1) Object detection: which answers "is a particular thing here?" and "if so, where in the image is it?"
(2) Image classification: answer what sort of subset something is, so if the object found is a "vehicle", a classifier might filter those vehicles into subgroups like "SUV" or "Truck"
(3) Image segmenter: which outlines a perfect mask of the object area, such as "the road" or "the grass"

Here's what you can do with all these new powers:


Footage that matters

Cut through the noise. Find what you are looking for, quickly and easily.

Sort videos by detection type, location, system, tag (a description of the camera, such as "outside"), camera name, date and time.


Pull Stats on Activity

Find out what moves your needle. Understand when Cars or People increase at your location, on a daily or hourly basis.

Look Back

View Activity on a 24/7 Timeline

Scroll over the events and see snapshots of what the AI found.

Understand Activity on a per-camera basis.

Get Highly Valuable Alerts

Know when People or Vehicles are in video streams.

Get alerts via email or text message.

No more alerts when the wind blows.

In Development

Classification: Sort those Objects

From License plate recognition to facial recognition to pants/shirt colors to determining what's in someone's hand, we can take the objects that we just detected and tell you more about them.

In Development

Action Recognition

We're not just aiming to understand when people are present, who they are, what they are wearing, but also what they are doing.


Not all areas are of concern

Easily exclude areas from detections and stop getting alerts about your neighbor's activity

You may also be interested in our in-front-of / behind fence classification model and semantic segmentation models in our model zoo.


Live Events Right in Your Event Feed

Don't wait for an event to be over. Clicking on an event as it is happening will take you directly to your live view, rather than the recorded footage.

Dig Deeper and Learn More

Survail's Computer Vision and AI Models

The first thing that you probably want to do is discover what computer vision analysis you can perform with survail, and so you will want to look through our availible computer vision models. Survail is a platform with a constantly growing list of objects it can detects and details it can infer from those objects.

Survail Model Zoo

Also, feel free to Read more about what makes survail unique as a machine learning platform.

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