Survail Slim ICVR

VSAAS Intelligent Cloud Video Recorder (ICVR) SAI-JNXX16

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Survail Edge ICVR - SAI4000532 is an Intelligence Cloud Video Recorder for connecting cameras to the Survail VSAAS Cloud VMS Platform.

Survail Slim ICVR - SAI-JNXX16Survail Slim ICVR - SAI-JNXX16Survail Slim ICVR - SAI-JNXX16
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Survail Slim ICVR - SAI-JNXX16 is an Intelligence Cloud Video Recorder that connects 16 cameras to the Survail VSAAS Cloud VMS Platform.

Requires active Survail VSAAS Cloud License(s).

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Camera Agnostic: Unify your Surveillance Hardware Brands

Survail Edge ICVRs works with any brand camera, NVR, DVR or encoder hardware, so you can bring all your cameras into this one application. Stop worrying about the capital ramifications of replacing all your cameras to unify features and access. Survail can unifying your many surveillance systems into one user interface.

Survail integrates via RTSP feed(s), which nearly every camera (except those with "lock ins") has on the market. No more dealing with complicated APIs, different firmware versions, or hoping that ONVIF will work.

Computer Vision Edge Detection

Find and share important events in seconds

A Survail Edge ICVR gives old cameras new new brains by using computer vision to perform locate, flag and catalog video clips by what is in them. Then it lets you search and get alerts based on what is in the video.

More info about Computer Vision Features and our Full List of Computer Vision Models.

Computer Vision Edge Detection

Integrated Cyber Security Best Practices

You can't talk about Physical Security without talking about Cyber Security. The threats have evolved and so your camera system must evolve, too. Survail protects your network by eliminating many risks inherent in past DVR and NVR systems.

  • Survail encrypts your video feeds, at rest, in transit, when stored, and when viewed.
  • Survail only accepts connections to our cloud. (You don't plug a monitor or log into survail hardware at all.)
  • Survail has an integrated VPN (virtual private network).
  • Survail does not require open ports or use third-party services to connect.
  • Survail can make your camera network non-addressable, both remotely and from your main computer network.

Survail (both the Survail Edge ICVR hardware and the cloud VMS) is designed, developed and assembled in the United States, which means that it is NDAA, TAA, and Made-In-America compliant.

Never worry about firmware, again. Survail Edge ICVR hardware uses 100% seamless, automatic over-the-air cloud firmware updates.

Share Event

Hybrid: Local and Cloud Storage

This Survail ICVRs does require a surveillance grade hard drive to record footage. This is the primary storage method for survail VSAAS VMS, however survail also has cloud storage, if you want to utilize it.

Survail has multiple alert types including email, text, and "share-ready" alerts that automatically backup the video to the cloud. Additionally, if you use our share function to distribute a video, this will also automatically back it up into the cloud.

24/7 Footage (including AI event based footage and non-event footage) is always stored on the hard drives inside the Survail Edge ICVRs. A hard drive in the ICVR is required for Survail to function.

More info about Cloud Storage.

Survail Slim Specs


Operating System
Embedded Linux
Processor Manufacturer
NDAA Compliant NVIDIA® Jetson NX Xavier™ 16GB, 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64-bit CPU 6MB L2 + 4MB L3, and 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with 48 Tensor Cores
16 GB 128-bit LPDDR4x @ 51.2GB/s
Raspberry Pi® RP2040 32-Bit Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ @ 133MHz
Vision Accelerator
7-Way VLIW Vision Processor

Video & Audio Inputs

Video Compression
H.265 / H.264
Video Input
720P to 4K (at H.264 and 16 cameras, 4K can be ran at up to 10FPS; at H.265 and 16 cameras, 4K can be ran at up to 20FPS)
Aspect Ratio
Output Cropped from top right to 16x9, if different

Connection to Cloud VMS

Device Streaming Capability
cloud hosted, 10 active streams per device
grid view only counts as one stream
playback of recorded footage from slim counts as one stream
playback of recorded footage from cloud storage does not counts as a stream
Cloud Streaming Capability
unlimited viewers from cloud hosted video, see cloud storage for how to control what video is hosted in the cloud vs on the device
Per Event Meta Data Cloud Transfer
~1 Megabyte per Event for database and event image thumbnails
Stream Data Transfer
~1 Megabit per second per stream
Dual Retention Cloud Backup or "Share" Transfer Speed
syncs as available

Hard Disk

2 SATA Interfaces for footage storage, one 16GB EEMC for OS
Up to 32GB TB per device

External Interface

Network Interface
2.5GbE port x1 (RX: 2.35 Gbits/sec, TX: 1.4 ~ 1.6 Gbits/sec), 1GbE port x1
USB3.1 GEN2 (up to 10Gbit) x2, not intended for viewing cameras, only for troubleshooting device networking
Support up to HDMI2.0, not intended for viewing cameras, only for troubleshooting device networking
Display Port
Support up to DP1.4, not intended for viewing cameras, only for troubleshooting device networking
USB 2.0 interface
Supports HDMI 2.0 x1, only for internal troubleshooting use

Integrated Cyber Security

Integrated Camera Network and VLAN
On Nic 2 (2.5GbE port)
Main Network Connection, VPN to app.survail.com
On Nic 1 (1GbE port)
in transit to cloud, when stored in cloud, and when viewed via cloud.
to app.survail.com
Connection Refusal
from devices on Nic 1 to Nic 2 or vise versa
Additional device support on Camera Network
computers, routers, VMS, encoders, decoders, etc


Power Supply
DC 12V @5A, 2.5mm center pin positive
Noise Level (dB)
~50dB at fan level
Power Consumption
Power Consumption: ≤ 20 W( without HDD )
Working Temperature
Working Humidity