is now

Very, very early in the morning on Friday June 28th, 2019, SCW will be changing our domain name to The site will be offline for about an hour beginning at 7 AM ET / 6 AM CT.


Why are we doing this?

1. Mostly because saying “security dash camera dash warehouse dot com” has always produced a lot of misspellings and confusion. is easier to say and spell.

2. “Security Camera Warehouse” once accurately described what we did, but isn’t that accurate anymore:

a. We’re more than a warehouse: We are a security solutions company. We provide an entire suite of commercial-grade, government-approved, enterprise-ready solutions - from cameras and systems, to alarms, a full suite of incredibly innovative software, and even installation services in the Asheville markets (and will be adding new cities in the future).

b. We’re more than a camera company: We now carry alarms, build our own software, and will have another new line of security products that we will launch this year.

Is the company changing hands?


Are any of your policies changing?

Nope. Same great service from the same helpful people.

Is anything else changing?

We got a pretty new color scheme about a few weeks ago. We think it looks nice.

What if I forget to update my bookmarks and go to or email someone at

Don’t worry, you’ll still end at if you type in If you email someone's old address, your still reach your favorite SCW employees at their new addresses.

Is SCW’s legal name changing?

We will be legally changing our name to “SCW” from “Security Camera Warehouse” at some point later in the future.

Do I need to write a different name a check that I send to SCW?

We can work with whatever you do, but “SCW” is probably best. Even now, some people write the check out to “SCW” or “Security Camera Warehouse” or “SCW Security” and everything is smooth.