SCW's Future: What We're Currently Investing In

SCW doesn't have any investors to please and so we don't worry about distributing profit. Here's where we are putting our money:

A Name Change

As you'll see below our name isn't going to stay applicable to what we're doing. So, we've been working on changing it.


We started out as a retailer, carrying several camera brands, but in 2016, most security camera manufacturers were hacked and the cameras and recorders were used to wreak havoc on US companies and infrastructure.

Even worse, it was discovered that several camera manufacturers were found to have backdoor accounts for who knows what reason.

So, we said that we can do better and got to work. We hired the guy who programmed the video surveillance recorders for the Air Force Remote Visual Assessment program, which monitors 450 nuclear missile sites, to help us build a software team.

We're not ready yet to say what that team is working on yet, but it is gonna be good.

New Products

We're currently in a testing phase for alarm products, solar panels, and solar lighting.

Local Branches Offering Installation

We're currently in a testing phase for modeling local branches in major metro areas.

Changing our Legal Structure

We're debating becoming a trust or B-Corp to legally enshrine our company values.