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Here we have added some special cables for individuals with unique demands. We understand that sometimes you just want to save money! Instead of buying a new T.V. to watch your security cameras on, you can use and old VGA monitor instead. The cables we sell are in lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet. So if you want to use a VGA monitor and run it into another room, you can.

Our Discount VGA Cables

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Position Your VGA Computer Monitor Where You Want

If you are wondering how far you can go with VGA signal, you should. Most customers that by a CCTV system, notice that their security digital video recorder has a VGA port on the back and naturally they see the opportunity to use an old flat screen monitor for viewing their video. Sadly, they realize they do not want to put their security DVR where someone can touch it or out in the open. In fact, most people rather try and hide their DVRs. So how do you run a video connection into a special room or office where you can keep an eye on things? Know that you can run VGA signal up to 100 feet. The signal is not very strong, so it will be tough to run a cable run that far away from the DVR. So when you are mapping out where to position your DVR box and or power supply box, make sure you know how far away your run is. There is nothing like good old blue-printing, it works every time.