The Admiral 4 Channel 4K NVR - ADM4P4

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The Admiral 4 Channel NVR - ADM4P4 Each product is boxed individually so you can custom order them in any combination. Back of the Admiral 4 Channel NVR Traditional (subneted and more secure) method of wiring the ADM4P4: the cameras plug into the POE ports on the back of the NVR and the NVR plugs into your router. This means that you have to go through the NVR to watch the cameras. Non Traditional method of wiring the ADM4P4 using cameras on a POE switch. Cameras connected to the switch are not subneted; they are less secure and require networking knowledge to setup.


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A hard drive is required to store video footage on a NVR or DVR. You can use our Hard Drive storage calculator to determine what size hard drive you need.

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A hard drive is required to record any footage on your NVR. We preinstall and configure your NVR with speciality hard drives designed specifically for security applications requiring years of constant use.

If you want to put this Admiral NVR on a server rack, you will need a pair of a rack mount tray.

This NVR comes with a 3 year warranty. You can also upgrade it to 5 years.

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