SCW Shield Alarm Systems for Installers

Step 1: Configure the SCW Shield Alarm Hub

The hub is the brain of your alarm.

Step 2: Choose a monitoring plan for your customer

Step 3: Customize the Hub with Verizon Backup or Home Automation

Adding these features will require

Step 4: How Many Doors and Windows does your client have?

Door and window sensors are the heart and soul of any alarm system.

Door and window sensors are more secure than motion sensors, as motion sensors aren't active when you're home.

Step 5: Add Motion Sensors.

Get an immediate alert when there's motion in your home or business and you're not there.

Reminder: Door and window sensors are more secure than motion sensors, as motion sensors aren't active when you're in the night or armed (stay) modes.

Most people have a motion sensor in the living room, near the door. You may also want to put motion sensors in other common areas, such as your garage, basement, family room, loft, office, or customer waiting area.

Step 6: How Do You Want to Disarm the System?

Every system comes with a pin pad and has the ability to arm or disarm your SCW Shield from your smartphone. You can also add keyfobs or extra pin pads.

Step 7: Do you need protection for your whole house?

Theft isn't the only threat to your investment. 90% of homeowner insurance claims have to do with water or fire. Protect your property from damage and your loved ones from dangerous chemicals.

Step 8: Do you need any specialty sensors?

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scw support included

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