OpenPath Elevator Smarthub


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OpenPath Elevator Smarthub
OpenPath Elevator Smarthub
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Because of both Avigilon's policies and life-safety regulations, Openpath products are install only and cannot be purchase online.

The Elevator Smart Hub, part of the Core Series, is a modular access control unit that supports two Avigilon readers and up to 16 elevator floors, making it ideal for any elevator application. The Core Series Smart Hub features the Access Control Core that securely makes all entry decisions and is configured via Bluetooth using the Admin App.

The Core Series Smart Hub connects to expansion boards that include ports for Avigilon Smart Readers, Request to Exit (REX) inputs, and Contact Sensors. The Core Series Smart Hub uses RS-485 wiring to connect to the Smart Readers and is powered by a built-in 24VDC power supply.

16 Elevator Relays

16 relays, 1A @ 24VDC, 0.3A@110VAC

4 Contact Sensor ports

Avigilon Readers Up to 2 Avigilon Smart Readers

Uses industry standard RS-485 signaling to communicate with Avigilon readers over CAT 5/6 wiring

10/100/1000 baseT Ethernet; USB port

16 signal relays and 16 general purpose inputs for elevators or other use cases.

16 inputs, 3V-24VDC:

24V, 3A - 2 Amps available for locking hardware

Required - Openpath Cloud & Mobile platform (subscription fee)

Package size: 16x16x10 inches

Package Weight: 15lbs