OpenPath Elevator Smarthub


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OpenPath Elevator Smarthub
OpenPath Elevator Smarthub
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The Openpath Elevator Smart Hub is an access control unit (ACU) with the capability to interface with up to twenty entries. The Elevator Smart Hub combines all I/O’s of the 24V Smart Hub and Elevator Expansion Board, securely makes all entry decisions, and includes ports for Openpath door readers, 6 Floors (can be split into 2 elevators with 8 floors each), Request to Exit, Wiegand Readers, and Contact Sensors. RS-485 wiring connects the Smart Hub to the Openpath Readers, and all readers are powered with the included power supply. This unit also offers additional power for electrified locking hardware.

16 Elevator Relays

4 Request to Exit (REX) ports

4 Contact Sensor ports

4 Relays to control strikes, mag locks, mortise locks or parking gates

6 Openpath Reader ports (2 on Elevator Expansion Board)

4 Standard Wiegand reader ports

Power supply with up to 4A@12VDC for ACU, Readers and 12V locking hardware, or up to 2A @24VDC for locking hardware. Includes battery support.

Other optional & required items:

Required - Openpath Cloud & Mobile platform (subscription fee)

Package size: 16x16x10 inches

Package Weight: 15lbs