OpenPath Video Reader Pro


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OpenPath Video Intercom Reader Pro
OpenPath Video Reader Pro
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Because of both Avigilon's policies and life-safety regulations, Openpath products are install only and cannot be purchase online.

The Openpath Video Reader Pro combines the heightened security of a built-in high resolution camera with the form factor of a mullion door reader. Automatically associate video footage with access events, alerts, and motion, and visually monitor entries in the Openpath mobile app, and the Control Center. The Video Reader Pro is a multi-technology reader that supports both low (125 kHz) and high (13.56 MHz) frequencies. The camera angle is adjustable during installation, ensuring optimal video coverage. The Video Reader Pro is ONVIF Profile S and T compliant to easily integrate with third-party video management systems, and connects to legacy access control panels in Standalone Mode or via Mobile Gateway.

The Video Reader Pro is simple to configure, letting you choose which events to record and fine-tune video settings. The intuitive platform makes it effortless to link the Video Reader Pro to specific entries, adjust user permissions, and watch live or recorded footage for specific access events.

The video reader allows live view for no additional charge - however recording has cloud storage fees, please contact SCW for the latest cloud storage pricing.

Note, this OpenPath Video Reader is network based, meaning it needs PoE and to be plugged into a network, and communicates entries via the network to the OpenPath controller. We only recommend this device to clients with known, reliable, ideally professionally setup and maintained networks. For more information contact SCW