DISCONTINUED - The Ambassador Pro 16 IP + 16 Analog Channel (32 total) Hybrid DVR - AMP16

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Front Panel Viewing via web-bowser - works on PC or Macs works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari "Guarding Expert" Available on the App Store. Free iPhone / Android App (use "Guarding Expert HD" for tablets) Multi-site management PC software You won't need to plug the IP cameras into our Hybrid DVR/NVR. As long as your cameras are on the same network as the DVR/NVR, it will be able to remotely record them. Analog cameras still need to be plugged in.


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A hard drive is required to store video footage on a NVR or DVR. You can use our Surveillance Footage Storage Calculator to determine what size hard drive you need.

  • *IP system NVR that is Backward Compatible with Analog Systems
  • *Perfect for Gradually Upgrading Analog to IP Camera Systems
  • *16 channels for Analog Cameras and an additional 16 Channels for IP Cameras

Resolution FPS Features Connects Via
16 Analog Channels @ 960h (960 x 480)


IP Channels:
16 Up to 5 Megapixels

beyond HD
@1080P with all channels recording simultaneously:
30 Frames Per Second Per Camera

How to avoid being ripped off by fake "1080P" NVRs
Plug and play camera detection
2 hard drive bays
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out
Smartphone Apps
Tablet Apps
Windows Viewing + Apps
Mac Viewing + Apps
Easy Backup to USB and NAS

Learn about how this NVR can create create a second copy of your footage
Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
16 BNC Analog ports on back
IP Cameras connect via Cat5e to a POE Switch anywhere on your Network (do not plug into unit directly)
Beginner's Guide